Extra Credit – Research #5

This is Part 2 of an extra credit opportunity from the first week of class. Those who attended that day completed Part 1 of a research study and were told that Part 2 would occur later in the semester. Part 2 will occur this WED (Nov 19) during class. Participation in both parts is worth 5 points extra credit.

Journal Entry 18 – Friends

Pick 2 different time periods in your life (e.g., elementary school, junior high, high school, college) and compare and contrast the friendships you had during those periods. Some things to think about as you get started: How many friends did you have during each period? What kinds of things did you do with your friends? How long did the friendships usually last? What kinds of things did you share with those friends? How many of those friendships still exist? How did those friendships changed over time?


Journal Entry 17 – Problems in Adolescence

In class we discussed adolescent problems such as ADHD, substance use/abuse, eating disorders, and bullying. However, that is certainly not a complete list of the problems that adolescence might face. For example, we did not discuss mental illnesses like depression or anxiety at all. For this journal entry write a 300 word description of another problem (i.e., one not discussed in class) that can affect adolescents.