Journal Entry 11 – Raw Emotion

Consider the last time you felt intense versions of each of these emotions: happiness (e.g., laughing uncontrollably), sadness (e.g., crying uncontrollably), and anger (e.g., yelling or shaking uncontrollably). For each emotion describe: a) when did the emotion occur (i.e., how long ago, what time of day, etc.), b) what type of event prompted the emotion (I’m not interested in any personal details), and c) how you felt after the emotion was over?

Extra Credit – Research #3

If you are interested in participating in research for class extra credit the read about the following opportunity:

  1. We are conducting a study on how the brain processes social decision making.
  2. The study will take an hour and for your participation you will receive ( the compensation agreed to with the course instructor).
  3. The study will be conducted in the Barnes building on the old Bryce Campus. (specifics will be provided when you call and make an appointment)
  4. The procedure used in this study is called tDCS. This procedure stimulates specific areas in the brain and is used to assess how behavior changes when different areas are stimulated. Previous work using this procedure has shown it to be safe with no long-lasting effects.
  5. Following the stimulation you will be asked to complete two short questionnaires and a concept sorting task (you will be given some statements and asked to sort them by how similar they are).
  6. If you are interested you may contact the staff at Erin (Erin O’Connor) O’Connor
  7. Please note that if you have a history of seizures, strokes, fainting spells or heart disease you will not be able to participant

The staff will email back interested students and set up an appointment. The only other contact will be a reminder email the day before the scheduled appointment.