Journal Entry 25 – Life after Death

Read the article entitled “First hint of ‘life after death’ in biggest ever scientific study” (a link to the article can be found below and on course website). For this journal entry read the following article about finding scientific evidence for life after death. Use this as an opportunity to talk a little about your own beliefs about life after death (if such a thing exists). Due 4-28-17 by the beginning of class.


Journal Entry 24 – Family History

UPDATE: New oldest living person is…

Violet Brown (of Jamaica). Every person on earth was born in 1900 or later.

Image result for Violet Brown

Below is a picture of the oldest living person in the world, Emma Morano of Italy. She is 117 years old and is the last person on earth born in the 1800s). For this journal entry write down: a) the oldest living relative (great grandparent, aunt, etc.) in your family, b) the general age range for how long people live in your family history, and c) any common late-life health problems that run in your family (cancer, heart disease, dementia)? Due 4-26-17 by the beginning of class.

Image result for Emma Martina Luigia Morano

Journal Entry 23 – Midlife Crisis

In class we discussed how a midlife crisis is not very common among human adults. Well, now scientists have shown that even chimpanzees experience a “midlife low” tossing water on the idea that a midlife crisis is even something humans uniquely experience. Read a summary of this research (LINK below) and write a 1-2 paragraph response about why you think life satisfaction (in humans or other species) follows a u-shaped curve where it is lowest in midlife. Due 4-24-17 by the beginning of class.


Journal 21 – Marriage

Read the article entitled “A Social Psychologist Reveals Why So Many Marriages are Falling Apart and How to Fix It” (a link to the article can be found below and on course website). For this journal entry, pretend you are asked to the toast at a friend’s wedding. Drawing from class and from the article, what 4 pieces of advice would you give the newlyweds. Due 4-17-17 by the beginning of class.