Journal Entry 22 – Relationships and Marriage

Imagine you are married or in a long-term relationship (if you already are then you don’t have to imagine :-). Answer the following questions according to what you think would be ideal for that relationship. You can use husband/wife, me/my partner, or whatever you prefer to refer to the individuals in the marriage. If you never plan on being in a long-term relationship then create a hypothetical one.

1) Who cooks?
2) Who cleans?
3) Who does yard work?
4) Where to spend holidays like Christmas?
5) Where to live (near family or near good jobs)?
6) How should kids be disciplined and who should be the disciplinarian?
7) Who should be breadwinner?
8) Who should stay home with kids or should kids be in daycare?
9) How often should in-laws visit?
10) Should couples have a joint bank account or separate?
11) What if 1 person makes more money should the other have to do something extra to balance that out (e.g., chores, 2nd job, etc.)?
12) Should kids be sent to public or private schools?
13) How often should couples be intimate (e.g., go on dates, have sex)?
14) How often should each person go out with friends?
15) Are there any “unforgiveable” acts/events that a relationship can’t recover from (e.g., cheating, gambling, lies, abuse, illness like depression, alcoholism, diabetes)?
16) Should couples tell each other everything?
17) Should things like email and texts be private for each person?
18) Should individuals in relationships work on changing or trying to stay the same?
19) Is anyone or anything else more important than each other (e.g., kids, career)?
20) Should each person get the other’s permission for every purchase?

Journal Entry 19 – Friends

Pick 2 different time periods in your life (e.g., elementary school, junior high, high school, college) and compare and contrast the friendships you had during those periods. Some things to think about as you get started: How many friends did you have during each period? What kinds of things did you do with your friends? How long did the friendships usually last? What kinds of things did you share with those friends? How many of those friendships still exist? How did those friendships changed over time The journal entry is due Wednesday, November 18 by noon.