Midterm Grades

Midterm grades are now posted and should be visible to students. Project 1 (20 pts) and Exam 1 (90 pts) are the only two grades that factor into the midterm. No attendance or extra credit was included. The maximum number of points for any individual student was 110 and a student who earned 110/110 points would be given an A+ as the midterm grade.

Below are two graphs. On the left is the distribution of FINAL grades students expect to earn in this course. As you can see, 82% expect to earn an A and 0% expect to earn a C or lower. On the right is the actual distribution of MIDTERM grades at this point this course. As you can see, only 10% of students currently have an A while 73% have a C or lower.

Midterm Grades

Journal Entry 12 – Raw Emotion

Consider the last time you felt intense versions of each of these emotions: happiness (e.g., laughing uncontrollably), sadness (e.g., crying uncontrollably), and anger (e.g., yelling or shaking uncontrollably). For each emotion describe: a) when did the emotion occur (i.e., how long ago, what time of day, etc.), b) what type of event prompted the emotion (I’m not interested in any personal details), and c) how you felt after the emotion was over?

Extra Credit Research #3 (Health Behaviors)

Here is a link to another research opportunity that I will mention in class:


To earn the extra credit you must print (or take a screen shot of) the opening page of the survey and submit it to me.


Please note that to participate in this study you must be:

A full-time, undergraduate student

  • Between 18 and 24 years old
  • Unmarried

You cannot be in this study if you:

Live with a parent or legal guardian

  • Have a medically diagnosed sleep disorder
  • Have a medically diagnosed condition that requires a special diet
  • Have a medically diagnosed chronic disease such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Are pregnant