Journal Entry 3 – Cost of Textbooks

Interview some of your friends or roommates (read: 5-10) and ask them what the total cost of their textbooks was for this semester (in dollars). Also note the gender and class standing (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student, etc.) of each person you ask. Then use this data to calculate the mean, median, and mode of the cost of textbooks and try to determine if there are any differences across gender or class standing.


Journal Entry 2 – Experiment

Design a Sample Experiment for One of the Following Examples**:

1) Is there a best way to lose weight?
2) Does getting an education matter?
3) How important is dental hygiene?
4) Which is the worst city to live in?
5) What’s the healthiest fast food chain?
6) Are Superbowl ads worth the cost?
7) Do families that play together stay together?
8) What discipline reduces bad behavior?
9) Should I be buying organic food?
10) Does late-night eating affect sleep?

**Be sure to include: independent/dependent variables and any possible confounds that would need to be controlled for

Other Colleges You Considered – Before Wisely Choosing UA :-)

Georgia, Ole Miss, Ga State, Virginia, Auburn, UAB, Samford, Florida, FSU, Purdue, Ga Tech, Utah, Arizona, Lee Univ, Utah St, AZ St, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Albany, Lynn Univ, UNC Wilmington, Richmond, Kentucky, Col of Charleston, Wisconsin, Iowa St, Michigan, Illinois, Va Tech, James Madison, Clemson, SC St, Spring Hill, Ogelthorpe, MS St, WVU, East Carolina, So Indiana, UNC, So Carolina, Vanderbilt, East KY Univ, Radford, Shelton St, UNC Charlotte, Alabam St, Boise St, TCU, West Carolina, Central FL, Kansas, Ohio St, Texas, Oklahoma, Jacksonville St, Tennessee, North Alabama, William & Mary, UAH, VCU, Ga Southern, Mich St, UC Denver, UConn, Rhode Island, Quinnipiac, OK St, Mmissouri, Alabama A&M, Rollins, Umass, LSU, Miami, Babson, Fordham, Northeastern, West Kentucky, Coastal Carolina, Nebraska, Saith Louis, Marquette, Dayton, West Alabama, Loyola Chicago, Minnesota, Birmingham So, Rutgers, UT Chattanooga, So Alabama, Bowling Green, UT El Paso, Baylor, NM St, Maine, York, Old Dominion, Colorado St, Oregon St, Case Western, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, Texas Tech, Syracuse, So Florida, Iona, Southern Cal, Boston Univ, Elon, Penn St, Troy, Illinois St, Tampa, New Hampshire, Tuskegee, Howard, Colorado, Nevada …